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Baci Ristorante

Italian rusticity meets modern sophistication at Baci Ristorante, where an Old World appreciation for quality and service marries seamlessly with contemporary style and warmth. The rich, mahogany bar sets an elegant yet unassuming tone, while the classic Italian cuisine menu showcases the brilliance of fresh seafood, succulent meat, and rich accompaniments. Dine in the subtly modern dining room surrounded by art deco accents and crisp white linens, or dine al fresco on the romantic patio. No matter where you sit, a decadent and satisfying meal is sure to be had.

Old World Charm Where You Least Expect It

Increasingly, San Diego is becoming home to a booming restaurant scene, with new restaurants emerging every month, if not every week. Yet, in an industry where the trend seems to be to pair the dining experience with over-the-top décor, fanciful presentation, and settings that emphasize the vibe almost more than the food, one wonders what happened to old-fashioned hospitality, gracious service, and reliable cuisine. That’s where Baci Ristorante comes in.

In a city where restaurants come and go, Baci Ristorante has quietly stood strong for over 25 years. Located on an otherwise quiet block of Morena Boulevard just across the freeway from Mission Bay, the restaurant hardly calls attention to itself. You’ll recognize it by the modest maroon canopy above the entrance, displaying white scripted letters that gracefully spell out Baci.

What lies behind the plain exterior is one of the city’s finest classic Italian restaurants, one that equates dining with tuxedoed waiters, white tablecloths, and classic preparation—an approach that has earned the restaurant the AAA 4-diamond award eleven times. The restaurant itself is a success story of hard work and steadfast ideals—owner Tony D’Amato opened the restaurant in 1979 as a one-room restaurant; he has not only kept it open for 25 plus years, he has steadily expanded the space from one room to five.

The first hint that elegance lies behind the unassuming façade is the doors—made of polished wood and glass, their surprisingly heavy weight suggests something important lies inside. Swinging open, they reveal a small entryway, with an intimate bar area on the right and the entrance to the dining room on the left. The bar is the first thing that greets the eye—filled with dark mahogany and mirrors, it seems classic and old world. Should you arrive early, do try to stop here for an aperitif.

When it was time for our reservation, we were led to an intimate room with just three tables just off the kitchen, and seated in one of the restaurant’s many semicircular booths. The dining room’s subtle art deco motif—the lighting structures, framed art, and frosted glass—suggested a rich and festive atmosphere, and we at once felt at home. Past the room we were in, we could view a second, more spacious dining room as well as an outdoor courtyard that looked absolutely charming in the early evening light.

Our meal began with a brimming basket of still-warm garlic bread. Lightly crisp, with just a hint of butter and garlic, it was one of the most tempting baskets of bread I’d been served. To distract ourselves from filling up before our menus even arrived, we perused the wine list, which offers an outstanding selection of Californian and Italian wines. While most of the wines are only available by the bottle, a modest selection of wines by the glass offers a decent variety of Italian and Californian varietals; we opted for two glasses—my date a Vola Sangiovese, and myself the house Chianti, Ca Del Doge.

The menu was quite approachable, spanning just two pages yet offering a range of options. In addition to the varied selection of pasta, veal, and seafood dishes, and limited steak and chicken options, Executive Chef Domenico Alioto always offers a rotating selection of fresh fish and daily specials. Some of these specials, such as the Osso Bucco and Veal Picatta, are so popular they are offered more often than not, although they don’t appear on the menu.

We opted to start with a classic Italian antipasti dish, the Carpaccio di Manzo. The broad plate that arrived was lively and colorful: thin slices of raw filet mignon sat beneath a layer of shaved arugula, and a third layer of even thinner slivers of parmesan. Olive oil, capers and a cherry tomato and olive garnish topped off the plate. While the presentation was delightful, we wasted no time scooping up generous slivers of the delicate dish. The meat itself was rich and flavorful, and was complimented perfectly by the earthy arugula and the crisp, biting parmesan. We enjoyed every bite of the authentic appetizer, but perhaps my favorite moment of the course came near the end: when D’Amato, who was making rounds from table to table, passed by, and spying a small portion remaining on the plate, he graciously lifted the platter, divided the remaining Carpaccio in two, and spooned half onto each of our plates. It was a rare and genuine act of hospitality.

Charmed by our gracious host, we next moved to a pasta course, where we sampled the unique Linguine Zingarella, a luscious dish of al dente linguini tossed with a creamy tomato sauce, veal tips, mushrooms, and peas. Each component of the dish was cooked to perfection—the thick, textured sauce was decadently velvety, the veal tender and soft, and the buttery mushrooms, juicy with a slight bite. As a whole, the dish offered the perfect ratio of pasta to accompaniments, and the dish resonated with a harmonious balance of ingredients. We twirled each spoonful slowly, thoroughly enjoying each bite.

We then sampled the most intriguing salad on the menu—the Insalata Capricciosa. As its name suggested, the dish was indeed capricious, with seemingly whimsical ingredients such as candied walnuts, thick rings of red onion, creamy goat cheese, and orange and cucumber slices. Yet somehow everything worked, with the disparate ingredients—which were dressed with an outstanding balsamic vinegar and olive oil—coming together to create a playful and light dish. We found every bite refreshing, serving as sort of a palate cleanser between courses.

For our main course, we were drawn to what seemed to be Baci’s two specialties—seafood and veal. The menu’s generous selection includes enticing dishes such as Salmon Picatta, Sea Bass alla Livornese (fish in a light tomato sauce with white wine, capers, and black olives), Valdostana alla Baci (stuffed veal, cream cheese, prosciutto, porcini, wine, and cream), and Veal Chop Milanese (breaded and pan fried veal). However, this evening we decided to try two specials—which were not on the menu but which we were told were available often.

The Sea Bass Mungia was inspired by a traditional Sicilian preparation of fish with mushroom sauce. A generous plate arrived with two plump sea bass steaks topped with sliced mushrooms, drizzled with a light brown butter sauce, and accompanied by scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans and carrots. The fish itself was thick and substantial, perfectly absorbing the rich, succulent sauce. The sauce—woodsy and buttery—seemed a completely intuitive way to transform an otherwise wholesome fish into a decadent meal. It was easy to see how, in a country surrounded by water, Italy’s cuisine had evolved to so expertly celebrate the bounty of the sea.

The Veal Picatta offered an equally rich celebration of traditional preparation. Two thinly pounded, light pink cutlets were surrounded by a lemon butter sauce and capers, also accompanied by scalloped potatoes and fresh green beans. The veal itself was the most tender meat we had sampled all meal, and the tart sauce cut perfectly against each rich, bite. In the mouth, a full taste burst forth that was at once sweet, sour, and savory—reminding us we should eat picatta more frequently.

As the white of our plates began to slow, we retired our forks and sat back, content. Around us, the lively bustle of conversation rose over Frank Sinatra’s familiar voice, which was piping from hidden speakers. The conversations were varied—a family of six celebrating a birthday, two couples on vacation, a group of well dressed men in suits, perhaps dining to conclude a successful business trip. Most notable, however, was the staff, who seemed to graciously and intuitively transform at each table, effortlessly sensing the amount and type of interaction each table wanted. Children at one table were addressed as “sirs,” the vacationing adults were bantered with, and a bottle of Barolo was decanted with grace and style for the table of gentlemen.

By the time dessert came, we were more than sated by the richness of our meal. We were intrigued enough to order the Crème Brûlée and house-made Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake, although when the generously portioned dishes arrived we managed not more than a few bites. The crème brûlée sat in a wide ramekin, a golden circle of creamy brûlée and crisp caramelized topping, accompanied by a dainty lady finger. The ricotta cheesecake was actually presented as a miniature cylinder, minus the crust, accompanied by a rich Dark Chocolate Chambord Pate—which was also prepared in-house. It’s difficult to follow such a succulent meal with equally succulent desserts, and I must admit we found the food to outperform the after-dinner sweets.

Polishing off the last sips of our after dinner coffee—strong and dark, it was perhaps a perfect cup—we rose from our table. We walked out the door almost reluctantly, not wanting to leave this gracious, hospitable world. As D’Amato waived to us one last time from his seat near the door, we smiled. From beginning to end, we found our meal thoroughly filled with old-world charm and generous hospitality, providing an almost timeless dining experience.

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 1955 Morena Blvd., San Diego CA 92110
  • Cross Street: Ashton Street
  • Location: Mission Valley & Clairemont | Bay Park
  • Cuisine: Italian | Pasta |
  • Cost: $$$ | Moderate | $50 - $75
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Dress Code: Business Casual
  • Meals Served: Lunch | Dinner |
  • Parking: Street | Private Lot |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover |
  • Corkage Fee: 25.00 | Per 750ml bottle
  • Phone: (619) 275-2094

Business Hours

Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Closed


  • Full Bar
  • Famous Chef
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Private Room
  • Takeout Available
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Personal Wines Allowed
  • Lounge / Bar


  • Romantic Dining
  • Dining Alone
  • Business Dining
  • Quiet Conversation
  • Special Occasion


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Baci Ristorante is open for lunch on Monday through Friday from 11:30am until 2pm.
No, but there is street parking near the restaurant.
Baci Ristorante's Executive Chef is Domenico Alioto.
Yes, Baci Ristorante features patio seating.
Baci Ristorante has been open since 1979.
No, Baci Ristorante is open Monday through Friday for lunch, Monday through Saturday for dinner, but they are closed on Sundays.


Lunch Menu

  This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.





Dinner Menu

  All Entrees are served with a small side of vegetables and potatoes except where noted. Side orders of pasta can be ordered starting at $7.95. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.









Children's Menu

  12 and Under. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.





Restaurant Address: 1955 Morena Blvd., San Diego CA 92110

User Reviews

The neighborhood secret...  

Many of our neighbors are unaware of Baci's, their amazing cuisine and excellent service. We always leave this restaurant extremely happy and well fed. My favorite visit was New Year's Eve (also our anniversary) where the quiet atmosphere was a welcome retreat from the usual party night. We've decided to make this the place for our anniversary celebration for years to come! Cheers!

Unfair and Untrue  

The last few negative ratings are unfair and untrue. I have been going to Baci's for over 18 years and have even worked with the D'Amato family from time to time. The food is second to none in San Diego. All of the waiters are professional, courteous and very fast. Fridays, Saturdays and special holidays are always busy, so be patient if you don't call ahead. This italian restaurant is special and will not disappoint with food, service and atmosphere. Telly Tony and Maria Patrick McNamara says hello.

Enjoyable to the lat bite.  

this was my first time at Baci's. My mother and I were heading home from a business meeting, when we spotted this Italian restaurant. We approached the door and thought that they were closed. sadly we started to walk away, to our surprise, a man in a tux with a towl over his arm came to the door and opened it for us. He let us know that they were open, and invited us in. when we entered, we were greeted with smiles and we were plesently surprised with the beautiful atmosphere. We proceded to order, the waiter assisted me with a dicision om my meal, for I was not sure of what I should try. The meal I had was succulant and delicious. It was Prosciutto Tortelloni in a white sauce. It was the best I have ever tried. The service was wonderful, they catered to my mother, who is a vegitarian, and they made us feel comfortable and welcome. And The Desert was delectable. I enjoyd my experience greatly and intend to return again VERY soon.

Absolutely Perfect  

My husband and I just had dinner at Baci's tonight for the first time. The service was beyond prompt and extremely professional. As soon as we got the bread, I knew we were in for a treat. It was warm and fresh-baked right there in the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly our food arrived! Let me highly recommend the veal Osso Busco. The meat is so incredibly tender and sits on a delicious bed of risotto. Every bite melts in your mouth. My husband ordered it and I ate nearly half of his! I had the linguine pescatora (seafood) and it was also divine. The Tirmisu for dessert was delicious. Our waiter checked on us often and refilled our glasses frequently. What a great dining experience, we'll definitely be going back...soon.


My wife and I took my nephew and his new bride to Baci last Saturday night. It was our third visit and as always the food and the service were excellent. We had lots to talk about and the waiter, sensing this, got our drinks and gave us a little time to talk before ordering. He was always close, but never an interference. Everything was fresh and perfectly prepared. I would highly recommend Baci Ristorante!

Wow, they were awesome!  

Im just going to keep this short and simple. This place rocks. The staff all look sharp, and the food is delicious. I will be going back, and I will let all my friends know about how wonderful this place is!


This restaurant took me back to a fantastic place we went as little kids back in the midwest. The aroma when we entered made me feel at home and was a perfect highlight to the meal that followed. I had the lamb ravioli and found it to be a perfect balance between the lamb and marinara sauce. All four of us were pleased with our meals and will definitly return again. Especially if the chef parts with his wedding soup recipe.

Best Italian food in San Diego  

This was my first time dining at Baci's. I had the Swordfish Oreganato and it was the best swordfish I have ever had. My husband ordered the Veal Francesca which was also delicious. You could tell the food was fresh and made to order. The cuisine is authentic and traditional and at the same time, special requests are welcomed. As my husband's Veal Francesca wasn't on the menu, however it's his favorite dish and he asks for it every time we go to an Italian Restaurant. The service was very professional, and our waiter was very knowledgeable. The waiter's wine recommendation was just right and complimented our meal. On our way out we were thanked by the owner and learned Baci's is a family run and owned restaurant. BY FAR THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN SAN DIEGO !!!


"Went there for the first time recently and was extraordinarily impressed. Pulling up it seemed like an old-style family restaurant, which we found to be awesome. As we walked in our suspicions were confirmed, this place is a hidden gem. Great ambiance, perfect decor, authentic waiters and waitresses, and an amazing outdoor courtyard area. We were not able to eat out there but are looking forward to having the opportunity. We started with the Caprese appetizer and it was stellar. The tomatoes were big and very fresh and the mozzarella was just perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It was very difficult to choose an entree as all the choices looked so good. They have a great selection of chicken, seafood, and especially veal. I went with the Scampi Fradiavolo and the girlfriend got Linguine Pescatora. Upon receiving our dinners we were both in love with each others and quickly traded. The Linguine Pescatora came with every kind of seafood you could imagine and was large and delicious. The scampi had delicious shrimp and had a wonderful spicy marinara sauce. This sauce came in handy when we dipped the complimentary garlic bread in the remains. Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience and would definitely go again. However, it is a little pricy with the meals ranging from 17 - 25. Ours were each around 25. They also have a nice wine list but it is similarly expensive, especially the $1800 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (have to get that one in my next life). All of this was worth it and we cannot wait to go back. EAT UP!"

We loved it!!!  

My husband and I had never dined here before and it was our anniversary, so our expectations were quite high. I read some of the reviews before making our reservations and was sure that the food would be great, but I wasn't so sure what to expect from the service. Both our expectations were greatly exceeded! Everyone greeted us with smiles and everyone who waited on us had the most pleasant disposition. It felt very authentic...like we stepped into Italy to enjoy a meal. My husband ordered the halibut and it was sublime! I ordered the lamb ravioli, which wasn't on the menu but was one of the daily specials recommended by our waiter. I was a little disappointed. I was expecting more in the flavor department, but the dish was still tasty. I look forward to trying some other dishes. For dessert we shared a Bailey's Pyramid. It was different than what we would normally order, but it was surprisingly good. The ambiance was wonderful. We had relatively early dinner reservations, so we had the pleasure of being the only people in the restaurant for the first part of our meal. The lights were dim and very romantic. I would say we overpaid, but only slightly. My opinion would be different had I enjoyed my meal more. We will definitely be eating here again!!

great expierence!  

food was great, service was great, everything was great. The parking was horrible! Arrive early because you may have to walk a block to get there.

Baci is the Best!  

There were 9 of us at dinner. The service was fabulous, the food delicious, atmosphere perfect, and evening a wonderful experience. We would go back if ever in SD again and would recommend. Thank you, OK bunch

great food  

Food, wine, restaurant as a whole was great.

Amazing Place  

We came from out of town with a large party for a business dinner. Baci was chosen for it's "best of" in multiple categories and did not disappoint. The ambiance, service, food were all outstanding. I am a creme brulee snob and found this to be in the top 3 ever tasted (and I've tasted a LOT). I would return in a heartbeat!

Awesome....love this place  

love this place.

Great Place  

Food was great, lots of food, great service.

this chef knows how to do fish  

I am a fish lover and I cook frequently. We had calamari for appetizer and it was flash fried just right which is very hard to do given the thinness of the flesh and tentacles. The batter was light and the calamari succulent. I also had the swordfish special. It was seared fried then oven baked with Italian herbs. Wonderful ! It was done perfectly, moist and tender. I will definitely go back next time I am in the SD area.

Outstanding Dining Experiance  

If you are in the San Diego area and you want great food, excellent service for a fair price, visit Baci!

Best Italian in SD  


Exceptional Experience  

We made long distant reservations from Canada for our anniversary dinner while in San Diego. We always loook for restaurants that have been around for a long time. There is always a reason for it. You came highly recommended to us and delivered. From the gracious and knowledgeable server, the authentic atmosphere, to the wonderful meal. We will remember our time at Baci Ristorante and will return when in California. Ross and Joanne Ottawa, Canada

Baci Ristorante  

excellent pick for a nice comfortable dinner.

Amazingly surprised  

As we drove down Morena blvd we discussed how we must have written down the wrong address because the neighborhood didn't appear the place to house a top rated Restaraunt. We were dressed to the T and wanted a fine dining experience. We walked through the door and were surprised to find a highly experienced wait staff dressed in black ties. The atmosphere immediately welcomed us and instantly transformed our scepticism to anticipation. The ambiance was rich but not gaudy, the wait staff superb, the food recommendations amazing and the wine pairings were absolutely correct. We expected the usual small portions for our meals but were shocked to find that we barely had room to enjoy The succulent deserts. Overall excellent dining experience, we will visit again. I highly recommend the Filet.

Baci Ristorante  

Excellent food and service!

As always outstanding  

For the past 30 years my wife and I always choose Baci for special occasions, and are sure to recommend to out of town visitors. Always great service and food.

Best Hidden restraunt!  

I would have never found this restaurant if I wasnt looking for a romantic dinner for my wife and I. I typed in San Diego's Top romantic restaurants and the Baci Ristorante stood out the most. Im coming back as soon as possible right after I brush up on my wine names.lol

A great dining experience.  

Great dining experience, excellent service, true professional waiters and staff, anyone will enjoy this experience, and when in San Diego should always enjoy this great resturant.

excellent value!  

The atmosphere was definitely authentic Italian! The food was marvelous, the staff made everyone feel at home.

Baci is still one of the best.  

This restaurant will never disappoint. Consistently good dining experience. Appetizers are excellent in both flavor and presentation. Entrees are of a generous portion and well prepared. Wine list has some reasonably priced quality offerings. Staff is quite knowledgeable and professional.

Baci Restaurante  

Fabulous - whether it be lunch or dinner; casual dinner/lunch or for a special occasion Baci's is wonderful -


very good...the restaurant you can't miss


Baci's a wonderful "hidden" secret in Bay Park/Clairemont: excellent service with TLC and the menu is fabulous. The veal selections were outstanding and delicious!

Excellent restaurant near Mission Bay  

Everything (food, service, etc.) was superior. Definitely added to our favorite list in the San Diego area.

Baci, il Ristorante Fantastico!  

I lived in Florence, Italy for 15 years and I have to say this was the most amazing Italian meal I've ever had in the States..for that fact it was better than many in Italy. The staff was incredibly attentive and took time to explain both in English and (Oh, the novelty!) in Italian all the possible variations and choices. The menu was extensive to the point that I was nearly in tears at having to choose! Really, it was amazing. My Lamb shank on a bed of truffled risotto fell off the bone it was so tender, it melted in my mouth and my husband's sword fish was the best ever had. We left with the traditional exchange of kisses...after all that is what "Baci" means!

Great experience!  

We went to Baci Ristorante for our wedding anniversary. It was an excellent experience. I loved how we were treated like royalty as soon as we walked in the door. The waiter was very attentive and helpful. I wouldn't want the restaurant to change a thing! Glad I read a previous review someone wrote about the neighborhood being a little scary at first. We would have been scared otherwise. No worries though! It gets nicer the closer you get and we had no problem finding free parking.

What an experience  

Had a great dining experience! The staff was awesome and the food was amazing! Thanks

A gem of a restaurant  

Although a little out of the way, this restaurant is well worth seeking out. The welcome, food and staff were first class and not overly expensive

A great spot in Bay Park for lunch  

Two friends and I go out for lunch to celebrate one another's birthdays. When we don't know where to go, we always say, "Let's go back to Baci's". The food is always excellent and the service is great. We all live in Bay Park, so it is close and easy to get to.

Great place!  

My wife and I went to Baci for our 25th anniversary. The wait staff was attentive and intuitive. The food was outstanding. The ambiance was perfect. The owners came by several times to ensure everything was just as it should be. The chef made a special request that wasn't on the menu. We will go back every time we are in San Diego!


Doesn't have the view that Il Fornaio does, but Baci is still hands down my favorite Italian restaurant in San Diego County.


We really enjoyed our experience and would go back most definitely!


The ambience and service was absolutely excellent! They were very attentive and were definitely on top of things including refilling water whenever possible. Which is a plus, because I'm basically a camel. The food portions could have been a bit larger for the price but I would gladly go there again for the great service and attentiveness of the staff.

Outstanding service  

Absolutely the best service I have ever had. Top quality food and welcoming atmosphere. I visit san Diego roughly 3 times a year and will be sure to return to this establishment.

A wonderful dinning experience!  

Friendly excellent service, the food is superior, freshest quality meals and a wonderful choice of wines. Very nice place to take someone you want to impress. -Linda S




Great food and service

Outstanding food and service!  

One of our favorite restaurants in San Diego and we go every time we visit. Have never been disappointed by meal. Pastas outstanding, osso bucco great as is seafood. Wine list if you love good Italian wine fantastic. Not inexpensive but worth it.


Mario our waiter was the icing on the cake for our wonderful dinner! All six in our party enjoyed our meals and had a great time. Only negative was walking in to a very loud and obnoxious drunk woman in the bar, which was right by the front door where had to wait a few minutes for our table.

Great Restaurant  

The food here is excellent! I had the best salmon piccata that I have ever had in my life. The service was excellent too. I didn't see any young people there, probably because the decor is a little outdated.

Best in San Diego  

Love love love Baci. This is our favorite restaurant in San Diego. Just sit back and enjoy the great food and service!!!

Great Experience  

We are from out of town and it was our 2nd time to eat here. The atmosphere, service and food is outstanding! We will continue to eat here at least once everytime we come to San Diego.

Baci Ristorante  

Great service, good food.

Great Italian Experience  

This is really a great place to visit if you would like an authentic Italian meal with some different choices on top of all the classics. Will go there again if I go back to San Diego.

Susann B.  

This restaurant , its food staff and ambience are outstanding. Don't let the location fool you as it is the best for a great meal, servers who know their business and an owner who makes it all happen.

Great experience  

Service was amazing and food and drinks were great!!! I would recommend this to everyone.

Amazing Swordfish  

Great ambiance, great food and great service!

Wished I lived in San Diego....  

Great Experience, a sure bet and I will be repeating the next time I am in San Diego.

Excellent experience  

The waiter did a great job describing the specials and he was very nice. The food was exceptional. A wonderful experience.

Extraordinary experience  

It was our firat time in Baci restaurant and everything from the host, food, and environment exceeded our expectations, will definitely go back there.

extraordinary experience  

It was our firat time in Baci's restaurant and everything from the host, food, and environment exceeded our expectations, will definitely go back there.


I loved this restaurant, very classy, very nice, very affordable. We will recommend it to anyone who asks!

Great food  

We went early on a Friday. Food was delicious. Kids portions were perfect size. Bread was awesome. Could not stop eating it. Great place. Coming from NYC it has always been hard to find comparable Italian food, but this place was right up there with places in the city.

Baci Risorante is EXCELLENT!  

Fanstastic restaurant. Great atmosphere, food is outstanding. Best service I've had in a long time. This was a business dinner and I highly recommend this spot for either business, special occasion or an intimate dinner with someone special. Excellent!

Tomahawk Pork Chop  

The nights special and it was great. Got to love it when the bone overhangs the plate. Pork chop over spinach, a great combination. Priced very well.


I had dinner in Baci's last night and the service and food were excellent.

Great Italian restaurant  

The ambiance was wonderful. It was a very romantic evening. The food was excellent and the portions were very large.

Great experience  

Very authentic food , excellent ambuiance , we loved everything about dinning at the resturant , I will be there again soon and will bring friends with me

Baci is awesome  

Baci is awesome!  

Had a very lovely experience. I would definitely come back for another dinner celebration .

Average for the $$$  

Good atmosphere and great service, but the food was average for the price. We’re spoiled living in the SF Bay Area where we have places with awesome food at 1/2 the cost.

Baci Restaurant  

The parking area for this restaurant was very limited but once inside, the service was first rate, the food was perfectly prepared and plentiful.


Excellent service, very attentive.....good food, good wine...would definitely be going back and would recommend to all my friends....

Baci restaurant  

We had a terrific dinner celebrating our friend's anniversary. The food was superb as was the service.

Romantic lunch  

With the attentive, but not intrusive, service, great food, white tablecloth, and spacious room, Baci is a great place for a romantic lunch.

Great place, a little pricey  

Good food, good service, good ambience, medium-to-quiet noise level. My only complaint is that the entree prices seemed too high to me. Definitely worth going once, and I'll probably go back on special occasions.


It is too bad that your rating system does not allow for 41/2 star rating as that is what it deserves.


The service provided by the waiter was great not to mention the delicious food. I liked the fact that the waiters dress very formal. We visited your restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary Based on the reviews which suggest that not only is your restaurant very well known for its good food, but also a very romantic and formal setting. However, we where a little bit dissapointed due to the fact in the table next to us there was a family with two children who were very loud and running around. We love children, but this would have been our expectation from a chain family restaurant such as olive garden. To make it the ideal romantic formal restaurant I suggest only allowing adults after a certain time. My other suggestion is to play Italian music in the background to go more with the style of the restaurant.

Baci still good  

Started with the delicious garlice cibatta bread. My wife said, where is the butter, and we both realized you did not need any as the bread was loaded and wonderful. Clams Oreganti started my dinner off okay. 6 clams, with some breading is not much for $13. They did taste fine but not much of a portion for the money. We split a carppacio which unlike the clams was huge. Enough for two no doubt! The wife had Braised Lamb shank which was perfectly one, with a very rich robust sauce. I had the Linguine with clams. This time there were more than enough clams(23) with lots of clam meat in the pasta which was done al dente(just right!) the dessert we split, the chocolate truffle cake was extremely dry and not good at all. Seems like it had been sitting around for a couple days. Very hard and thick and pasty tasting. Not the best ending for a good meal overall. STill the quality bears four stars.

A Hidden Gem  

We just moved from Chicago and have been searching for a favorite Italian restaurant, especially one that can make a great veal milanese. We found it and much more at Baci Ristorante. The veal was pounded thin and lightly breaded and crisp. When I asked for the traditional arugula/tomato salad to accompany the dish, the chef was pleased to provide it. The special of the day, succulent grilled shrimp in a delicious lobster sauce over angel hair pasta was a delightful addition to our meal. The lady at the table next to us, an east coast transplant, was equally impressed with her dinner. We plan to become regulars in order to work our way through the menu, although it might be hard not to get the veal milanese each time.

Ehhh, don't bother  

The food was half decent and well overpriced. The restaurant needs an update; while I don't go to places for how they look, but rather the food they serve, this place is outdated and the food is bland and run of the mill. I was hoping for a great meal but my wife and I just got an $80 bill for a sub-par Italian meal.  The service was slow, but friendly.

Good Food - Poor Customer Service  

We made reservations at Baci for 7:45pm (made through SanDiegoRestaurants.com)and arrived about 5 minutes early. About 10 minutes later the hostess told us she was waiting for a booth for us. She invited us to sit in the bar and asked us what we would like to drink. She brought my drink but didn't bring the water my husband requested. 20 minutes later we asked about our table (because our babysitter could only stay until 10pm and it was getting late) and she told us the table she had wanted to give us was still occupied. She then put us at a table right next to the kitchen door. No apologies. Mind you, while we waited at least 3 other parties were seated who came in the door after us. What's the point of a reservation if you're not seated at the time of the reservation or close to it? I wish I could say that everything went wonderfully after that but it didn't. We never felt welcome in this restaurant. Other tables received warm and attentive service but we didn't. The food was very good which salvaged the evening some but our overall experience was not good and we will not return.

Not worthy!  

When I choosed this restaurant was based upon good reviews. Unfortunately when we arrived there was nobody to sit us it was not until my wife moved to the bar area they noticed are precense.The door towards the bathroom was opened and smell was not nice. After sitting service was very good but food was not what we expected. I would not recomend this restaurant to a friend.

I was sooooooooo disappointed...  

Plain dishes way too pricey...


expected more. main courses were plain, overdone.

Very disappointed  

I had heard wonderful things about Baci and was looking forward to our visit. That ended when we walked in the door. After waiting for 5 minutes to be greeted a waiter looked at us, said 4, this way. I had to stop him, let him know we had reservations for 6. He said ok - this way. Throughout the evening he acted as though we were a bother to him. We had to call him back to the table 3 times to ask questions about the menue. We requested separate checks which he said would not be possible. He never asked us if we wanted desert or coffee, just brought us the check. After we left the restaurant, he followed us onto the street and complained about the size of his tip. One person felt so uncomfortable, he gave him additional money. We are accustomed to giving 20% for good service, we left 10% because of his attitude. I can't believe he had the nerve to follow us out onto the street. The food was good, the atmosphere was pleasant but the service was completely lacking!

Will not go back  

We recently relocated from Northern California and are searching for neighborhood Italian with excellent pasta, a good wine list and friendly service. Baci Ristorante is living in the past. My pasta was over spiced and boring while my husbands lamb was bland. Our salads were typical and full of grocery store less than fresh vegetables. The bread, while warm, was lathered garlic butter. The wine list has some show Barolo's and Super Tuscans but is otherwise lacking in variety. We will continue our search.....


may be we were unlucky but we felt the food was mediocre.


For a 4 star restaurant, it is so disappointing. The decor is marvelous, yes. But the food was tasteless, greasy, and boring. I had a house salad that sounded appetizeing. Half the items listed didn't show up in my plate, and there was very little dressing. Dry, and boring. The pasta alla salmone was (sorry) disgusting. The pieces of salmon were way too big for this dish, and the cream sauce was heavy. The veal parmesan was bulky (like you would get in a chain restaurant) and tasteless. The service was annoyingly slow, we constantly had to look for our waiter. A huge disappointment, and a huge bill. Not worth it for even half the price.

Horrible Venue, Horrible Smell, Horrible Veal  

Unfortunately I took my fiance out to this restaurant for her birthday. The place is small and I would assume that most customers are old money. With that old money comes this disgusting musty smell in the whole restaurant. I dont know what is going on, for a top 20 in San Diego I expected much better. I had the Veal Saltimibocca and my fiance had the penne pasta. The penne pasta was great! My veal on the otherhand was disgusting. I still had some since I never usually have veal and it was a $30 plate! I felt sick to my stomach soon after and I regretted going with a meat plate at this place. I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone. Its overpriced and the venue is just horrible. The SMELL is the most disgusting thing i have ever exposed my nostrils to while eating a "high class restaurant"

Bad food  

I got food poisoning. Horrible!

Not even close  

I had the osso bocco ...god did that suck.. Even if it cost 12.95 I would have felt like I was robbed and the before yerterdays so called risotto ...my date had the veal...mind you she was getting a free meal...she was totally disapointed....the Botle of wine suggested by sal was great and service was what you should expect ....my date toke the food home which she was exetating to give to her dogs ...I.would never go back....just terrible

Terrible service, OK food  

Don't waste your time at Baci's and here's why: As the first 2 of our party of 4 we were greeted and seated. 10 minutes passed and I had to flag the waiter to get a glass of water and the wine list. Our guests arrived shortly after and we had to remind the waiter again for water. Another 10 more minutes passed and we had to flag the waiter again and ask for the menus. Food -- yes we wanted to eat? After deciding on a wine it turned out that they were out of that one and suggested a bottle that wasn't on the list. It was lousy. During dinner the waiter refused to bring us parmesan and stated that “we wouldn’t need it”. Were we being filmed on candid camera? Being the first one done I flagged the waiter and asked for a cup of coffee. He refused and simply would not bring coffee or the dessert menu until everyone was completely finished with there entree. Are you kidding me? He is going to tell me when I get my coffee? I get better service at a vending machine. Beware of the older, grey haired, thick Italian accented waiter should you dare Baci’s. Very disappointing.

Worst Experience  

PLEASE do not go here! I made reservations for Valentines Day and had the worst service and food ever. It took 15 minutes just to get a glass of water. The food was not even any good and the server never even came back to check on us. I was very dissappointend! The menu was limited and everything was way overpriced. Two of the people in our party ordered soft drinks and one of the servers took their drinks off the table and never returned with refills. When we asked for refills the server asked if we were ordering drinks for the first time.

why is this restaurant still around?  

VERY limited menu and extremely rude service. The server ignored us most of the meal and it was like pulling teeth to get water, much less bread or a wine list. The food was mediocre at best and when I complained to the owner, he yelled at ME!

Terrible food and service  

The restaurant was still setting the table when we were led to our table. All the food are too salty or too sweet or too sour. The soup was too salty to drink. After we gave our feedback about the food to the waiter, we could hear the cook's unhappy shouting from the kitchen. All of the waiters ignored our need for service after then. Fainlly we got our bill and it suggested that we should pay 18% service fee for the terrible food and service. Never had so unhappy dinning experience at any restaurants before.

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