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Perched atop an ocean bluff, Crab Catcher in La Jolla overlooks Seals Beach, a little sublet that thousands of tourists come by to visit annually. With a spectacular view and sensational food that is procured straight from the sea, Crab Catcher serves only the best fresh dishes. Keeping to the 100-mile radius philosophy, Chef Jon Burwell hires local commercial fishermen and harvests only the freshest ingredients from local farms and farmers markets to create the kind of dishes that will project surprise and wonder onto diner’s faces. With that in mind, the relaxed and quiet ambiance of Crab Catcher creates the kind of vibe that will have first time visitors coming back again and again.

Fine Dining Over The Seaside

The weather has been unusually warm the last few days, and it is evident here inside the lobby of the Crab Catcher, located across from La Jolla’s Seals Beach, that the temperate fall weather will have to wait.  The playful colors of sunlight dancing over the water looks like a thousand glittering diamonds spread out on a canopy of night sky.  With the sun about to set in a few hours, this will all start to change.  The dazzling sight before me will slowly but surely change into a wide array of colors like that on a painter’s palette, bedazzling my guest and I in a different way.   

The Crab Catcher, located on Prospect Street, is renowned for their eclectic seafood dishes.  Co-owners Jerry and Jeanne Burwell, and their son Executive Chef Jon Burwell, have combined their talents to create a trendy establishment where locals and newcomers alike can come to indulge in some fine and innovative seafood cuisine.  

The Crab Catcher menu provides a wide selection of dishes from both sea and land.  From the Ahi, the Seabass, and the Crab Legs – the main staples to any seafood joint – to the Filet Mignon and Top Sirloin, The Crab Catcher menu has a variety of dishes prepared with a Pacific Rim-fusion flavor.  

Adjacent to the restaurant is the Seaside Café, which offers an assortment of house specialties.  Available at the Seaside Café is a Sushi Bar/Oyster Bar/Sports Bar that provides a full bar with Happy Hour specials at the end of the day.  With a full menu for both the Sushi and Oyster Bar specials and multiple satellite TVs broadcasting the latest in sports, an evening at The Crab Catcher’s Seaside Café will provide guests a fine evening of entertainment and diversion.  It is rare to find an empty table at The Crab Catcher, so come prepared and make reservations on time.  

Prior to my dinner at the Crab Catcher, I arrive early at the La Jolla location so that I can explore my immediate surroundings.  The restaurant is settled in a series of eaves and balconies, tucked away like a treasure inside of a sea grove.   Peering down into the layers of inlets provided by the open awning that leads to the patio of the restaurant, the intricate architecture of the restaurant brings to mind the complex nature of a shell and how its design is brought upon by the very wit and whim of the sea and its thunderous nature.  Like the shell whose rough contours are marked by the waves, or the sea pebble whose edges have been smoothed over by the carvings of the sea, the Crab Catcher has surely too been sanded into its ideal form.  

Upon entering the premises of the restaurant, I notice its oceanic themes right off the bat.  Even the mosaic in the image of a crab, which is featured at the foot of the waiting area, is patterned with the iridescent hues like that of the mother of pearl coloring inside of a shell.  I have been given the right impression for as I look into the main dining area, the oceanic themes are evident here as well. The chairs and walls are matched with sandy-beige tones to resemble the ocean floor or the sandy beaches of La Jolla Shores or La Jolla Cove, both of which are just a mere breath away.

After our brief wait in the lobby, Manager Dave Marrow leads us out into the patio dining area with a table closest to the water’s edge, as requested.  As my guest and I settle down in our seats, I notice that the tables around us are situated closely together.  Although only a few tables and chairs occupy this space, this outdoor seating arrangement can be an ideal setting for a romantic candlelit dinner.  The patio not only provides a spectacular view over the Cove, but a low-lit ambiance is also a feature that can add intimacy for a quiet meal for two.  

But if dining outdoors is not for you, there is the main dining area and private room options for larger parties.  The level of formality at The Crab Catcher ranges from casual to relatively formal.  One of my first impressions as I step inside The Crab Catcher is that the restaurant’s relaxed setting with the Pegge Hopper paintings, beige indoor décor, and dark wood patio furniture blends and incorporates the natural surroundings of the establishment into the basic ambiance of the place. This style is evident as well in The Crab Catcher’s food philosophy.  Their seafood is captured fresh from the sea daily and their ingredients are grown locally from regional farms or farmers markets.  Following a 100-mile radius approach to procuring only the freshest ingredients, The Crab Catcher’s homegrown integration correlates to even the smallest details within the restaurant.  From the decor to the elaborate oceanic themes on our plates, The Crab Catcher definitely goes beyond the usual fundamental elements to make the restaurant into a true fine dining experience.  

Taking note of the wine list before our dishes arrived; I noticed that the Crab Catcher’s wine menu is comprised of a delectable array of white and red wines that are mostly found in the States.  A few are imported from the France, South Africa, and Australia.  The wines I sampled include the Au Bon Climat Chardonnay, Santa Maria Cambria 2006, and Chalk Hill Chardonnay.

To start off the meal, our waiter, Jordan appears with two appetizers.  The first starter is the Heirloom Tomato & Bleu Cheese Salad bursting with an abundance of flavors.  It offers a balanced mix of greens, tomato, and bleu cheese. The tomato pieces that are inside the salad are extremely plump, and the salty smoked bacon glossed on top, drizzled lightly with balsamic vinaigrette, makes for a delicious combo.  The creaminess of the bleu cheese cushions the flavors so that the different taste and textures don’t get too overwhelming.  As my mouth is filled with these tantalizing flavors, I start to take note of the scenery before me.  The sun is coming down and the lights reflected on the water before me is a visual feast.  Our view with its canopy of colors is just as flavorful as the first dish.  

The evening hums with harmonized activity as the tables around us start filling up.  For the next sequence of our meal, my guest and I try our second appetizer, the Pear & Crispy Mozzarella.  The mozzarella, which is lightly breaded and fried, is juxtaposed with a paradox of textures from crispy and chewy texture all at once. With the soft inlay of the mozzarella, the dish reminds me of scallops, a definite teaser for what lies ahead. The pear’s crunchiness combined with the soft middle of the mozzarella is a marriage of two relative opposites, but the happy joining is celebrated nonetheless.  Sprinkled across are pieces of candied macadamia nuts whose salty-sweetness add a touch of decadence to this brand new spin on a dish.  

Our taste-buds are now titillated for the next course.  The Halibut is served topped with a macadamia nut crusted layer over a sweet plantain mashed potato cushioning.  The sweetness of the potatoes is enhanced by the white wine and the macadamia crust.  As my fork sweeps through the dish, it passes through a sequence of textures from hard, rough, and then soft; and as the evening wears on, I notice that there is a pattern to these dishes.  Most have a Hawaiian sweetness, but are not overpowering to the point that it would take away from the seafood being served.  Rather, the sweetness enhances the flavoring of these dishes.  The presentation is also something worth noting.  The Halibut is cut into a rectangle-cube that resembles an iceberg and the sweet mashed-potatoes on the bottom look like the piece of ice is floating on a foam of water.  All these things begin to exemplify in my mind the ingenuity of Chef Jon Burwell.  His dishes have already created a concrete impression on me, as my guest and I continue to quietly converse over the creativity and ingenuity of his dishes amongst ourselves. 

We begin to note that the view is not only breath-taking, but as the sun sets across the horizon; the correlation between the changing colors over the water and the colors on our plates becomes even more apparent.  The presentation of our dishes becomes unmasked to us as well, as we begin to observe another connection to the whole oceanic experience.  For instance, the previous dish, which was the Halibut with its coloring and rendering, resembles a block of ice.  The presentation of this dish creates in my mind, the inventiveness of Chef Burwell and the effort he puts into each of item on his menu.  My impressions with the first entree made me aware of my growing anticipation for the following.  I know that a new discovery awaits me in the dishes to come.  

The fourth dish of the night has to be my favorite.  The Scallops resemble the prior entree, as its presentation is artfully crafted with equal attention to detail.  With each piece of scallop depicting three distinct islands being held afloat by the risotto-bluffs, the dish brings back some nostalgia for the Halibut.  Everything is cooked with an expert hand, so that the scallops are enhanced instead of being overpowered by the spices and sauce.  The Scallops have a nice snap to them, and while seafood preparation has a fine line between proper cooking and being overly cooked, that is not a problem here.  Everything is cooked to a certain pitch, and the scallops are prepared rare and taste amazingly rich when combined with the creamy risotto.  Paired with the Au Bon Climat Chardonnay, the dish is lovely.

The Cioppino, a very earthy stew that originated in San Francisco and is inspired by various fish soups and stews from Italian cuisine, is up next.  With a great tomato base, a delicious mixture of fish textures, and a layer of chipotle spice at the bottom of the stew, the dish has a crab claw centerpiece. It also has two whole Australian Prawns locked inside the crab claw.  There is a blending of elements here as land and sea are intermingled to create an earthy, rich taste.  A crowning of clams can be found surrounding the crab, as well as bits of steak underneath the crab claw.  My guest and I have some hands-on interaction as we roll up our sleeves to unlock the crab meat from its shell.  Underneath our fingers the tender meat of the crab slides out of its hard cover and into our mouths.  With a hefty sip of tomato spiced stew, our bellies are full and hearty. Accompanying the dish is the Santa Maria Cambria 2006 that has an acidic tang that is nearly spicy, complimenting the chipotle tastes in our stew.

The Lobster was one of the most decadent dishes I had ever seen.  Fresh from the sea, the lobster was captured from the very waters we were seated atop.  Like the crab in the Cioppino, this tasty dish is presented in a very similar and theatrical manner.  The richest pieces of the lobster, which is in the tail, is served sliced into halves and presented, interconnected, as if to resemble a fancy headdress.  The dish is also prepared with two antennae from the lobster placed strategically onto the ensemble, and the whole thing once again resembles a lively centerpiece.  The enticing smells emitting from the dish are too hard to resist, and my guest and I dig in as soon as the lobster cools down.  But once we separate the intertwined sections of the tail and get a forkful of the lobster meat, the flavors on our plate prove to be just as sensory detailed as the presentation of the dish.   The lobster meat was cooked just right—it isn’t stringy, but rather very meaty.  Each mouthful proves to be extremely substantial.  The veggies at the base of the lobster tail complement the lobster meat beautifully.  The sautéed squash, crispy red potatoes, and carrots are extremely fresh and plump in shape and form, and very buttery in flavor.  The dish has a certain Thanksgiving feel—the veggies that complement the lobster prove to be a very hearty combination.  The accompanying wine, Chalk Hill Chardonnay, travels down my throat easily, and has a touch of sweetness that is very subtle on the taste buds. This being my favorite wine of the night, the Chalk Hill Chardonnay also proves to go sufficiently with the lobster.   

Our evening at the Crab Catcher has come full circle with its myriad of colors and its many flavors from the sea. I especially love the close-knit ambience and the dim-lighting, which create a very relaxed and cozy setting. The view was wonderful and greatly enhanced my evening at the Crab Catcher.  As I overhear the manager mentioning that live music will be featured on Fridays, I decide over my food stupor, to reserve a free Friday evening at the Crab Catcher.  For what could be better?  Good food, great people and ambience, and now music?  I think my senses may be in for another treat.  

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 1298 Prospect Street, La Jolla CA 92037
  • Cross Street: Cave Street
  • Location: La Jolla & UTC | La Jolla Village
  • Cuisine: Seafood | Sunday Brunch |
  • Cost: $$$ | Moderate | $50 - $75
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Meals Served: Brunch | Lunch | Dinner |
  • Parking: Street | Private Lot | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover | Diners Club |
  • Corkage Fee: 15.00 | Per 750ml bottle.
  • Phone: (858) 454-9587

Business Hours

Main Dining Room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Main Dining Room | Brunch 10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.


  • Full Bar
  • Ocean View
  • Sunday Brunch
  • Late Dining
  • Catering Services
  • Live Entertainment
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Private Room
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Smoking Area
  • Takeout Available
  • Winning Wine List
  • Working Fireplace
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Valet Parking
  • Happy Hours
  • Personal Wines Allowed
  • Lounge / Bar
  • Healthy Options


  • Child Friendly
  • Romantic Dining
  • Dining Alone
  • Business Dining
  • Meet for a Drink
  • People Watching
  • Quiet Conversation
  • Special Occasion
  • Quick Bite


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

There is validated underground parking available with elevator access to the restaurant. The entrance to this underground parking is on Coast Blvd. across from La Jolla Cave Store. There is valet parking available on Prospect Street.
Yes, we do serve soft-shell crab.
Yes, being located high atop a La Jolla cliff, Crab Catcher has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.
Yes, Crab Catcher serves a champagne brunch every Sunday from 10:30am until 3pm.
Sushi is served in the Seaside Cafe, which is adjacent to the Crab Catcher restaurant. It is only served Thursday through Saturday.
Yes, Crab Catcher has an outdoor patio for exclusive use, as well as meeting and party rooms.
Yes, Crab Catcher serves lunch Monday through Saturday, from 11:30am until 3pm.
Yes, Crab Catcher is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The dress code is causal.


Champagne Sunday Brunch

  Sunday: 10:30am-3:00pm. Complete children's menu available upon request. Automatic 18% service charge will be added to parties of 8 or more. No separate checks. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.

Small Plates





Lunch Menu

  Monday-Saturday: 11:30am-3:00pm. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.

Small Plates






Dinner Menu

  Daily: 5:30-Close. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.

Small Plates




From the Sea

Crab Catcher's Shellfish Experience & Surf & Turf

Charbroiled on Our Lava Rock Grill

For the Table

Happy Hour

  Daily: 3:00pm-9:00pm. This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.

Happy Hour Specials

Oysters on the Half Shell

House Specialties

Sunset Supper Special ($39.00)

  Daily: 5:00pm-9:00pm. 3-course dinner for $39.00 per person. Price does not include beverages, tax or gratuity. Sunset Supper Split Plate Charge: $10.00 This is a sample menu only. Price and availability may be subject to change.





Restaurant Address: 1298 Prospect Street, La Jolla CA 92037

User Reviews



Always outstanding  

I stumbled on Crab Catcher years ago. Very intrigued, so we stopped. The ambiance was beautiful - sitting by the window to view the water and coastline was refreshing!(Especially near sunset)The food is more than memorable, the service prompt & attentive. Most importantly, always order the crab stuffed mushrooms to start! I will continue to make a 2 hour drive to visit!


Ambience is very comfortable and relaxed. Food was excellent. Staff delightful.

A Great Catch!  

Took a friend here to try something new and to have a good meal. We were very impressed with our selection. Outstanding food starting from our Fire Shrimp appetizer all the way to our White Chocolate Cheesecake dessert. Our waiter Michael was very helpful and had some good, honest feedback about the menu. Overall it was an excellent restaurant and one that I will enjoy visiting again.

Fantastic Seafood  

My husband and I greatly enjoyed our experience at the Crab Catcher. I had the soft shell crab and my husband had the ono and both were wonderful, wine was recommended by the waiter and was very good too. Service was excellent

Anniversary Celebration  

We celebrated our 24th Anniversary with a great ocean view and food. The crab stuffed fish was excellent, hot and tasty and the tossed baby lettuce salad with fresh strawberries was refreshing. My wife enjoy her shrimp scampi. Overall, an excellent experience. Our first date was at the La Jolla Cove so we wanted to celebrate at that location.

Nice Bass  

Seabass delight was the special, locally caught, best fish I ever ate. Nice sauce, presentation, and service. A little pricey, but so is the rest of the block. 10 out of 10. Check it out if your in the neighborhood.

Outstanding Food and Service  

I wanted to take my wife out for a special night before I departed on my trip. I know she loves seafood so we found Crab Catcher on the internet. WOW!!, this place was excellent, the food was great and the service was top notch. We will most definetly be making another trip here.

nice memory  

My wife and I went there in the spring of 1998 I can't remember for sure what we ate but I do recall ordering some kind of stuffed crab thing, but what the heck, it was in la jolla, it was a crisp night with nice scenery. I personally think you should visit a restaurant at least twice before your stamp of disapproval. unless the experience was dreadful. I believe it was so,so. We drove from colorado to monatana. Monatana was to cold so we drove to san diego to escape the cold, crazy; those were the days.

Outstanding Dining Experience  

My husband and I went to Crab Catcher for our anniversary. We were seated at a table with a breathtaking view of the ocean. This is the place to go for excellent food and service, and a gorgeous view! It's pretty busy in the area and parking is limited, so be sure to allow time to park on a side street and walk a couple blocks to the restaurant. Great dining experience - very enjoyable overall!

A Wonderful Treat  

If you are looking to treat yourself or someone you love this is the place to do it. Although the menu is a little pricey the food is worth every penny. The wine menu is extensive and the cocktails were delicous and complemented the richness of the food. I highly recommend this resturant for any special occasion.

Crab Catcher caught Us  

You can't find a better restaurant to celebrate any special occasion or just celebrate life. Breathtaking view, frindly, efficient personnel and outstanding food and beverages. All of this in the midst of Valentine's day! We'll return many times.

Sunday Brunch was perfect  

Short rib pot stickers were delicious. Croisants rich and buttery. Complementry champagne kept coming. Crab enchiladas excellent. Light, spicy sauce. Good view of water, birds, kayakers. Super service. Great value also. Couldn't have been better


Wonderful...we will be back!

I'll be back  

Excellent and fresh food. Superb view. Outstanding service.


What was to be a nice dinner out prior to having a family reunion the following day turned into a romantic dinner for two with the focus being on us.

For great crab and a smiling face from Julie!  

The food was great (crab) and Julie was outstanding. It is always a pleasure to deal with young people who have a great attitude and can actually work!

Near Perfect special occassion dinner  

I read reviews of this restaurant and some were not that favorable. Since we had a gift certificate and it was our anniversary and we LOVE seafood and La Jolla we figured we'd give it a try. From the moment we walked in we loved our experience at the Crab Catcher. Wish we could afford to go more often. If I had to say something bad about it it would be that the carpet needs replacing as do the dining room chairs. Considering all the good about it that really should not prevent someone from this fabulous dining establishment.

Great views  

Great food and service

Great Dining Experience  

Everything was great.

Great place  

Great view, great food, and great service. Very nice overall experience and this place is highly recommended despite the high price

Great location for our anniversary!  

It was our anniversary and I had requested a seating with an ocean view when making the reservation, they set us up with a perfect table on arrival. They were very attentive and even remembered that it was our anniversary.

Outstanding Dining Experience  

Absolutely one of the finest dining experiences overlooking the Ocean in the LaJolla / San Diego area. Wonderful freshly prepared coastal cuisine....you'll come back time and time again!

Amazing Restaurant  

This place is great! The wine list is beyond exceptional and the food was great, all with a view of the ocean and bay area. I will definitely be returning to this place.

Crab Catcher  

Great atmosphere, restaurant, service and food.

Outstanding seafood and service  

Friendly place with an extraordinary view, wonderful service and food you will think about for days following..... Can't wait to return to La Jolla!

Crab Catcher is our favorite  

We have started making it our routine to end or visits to the San Diego area with a sunset dinner at Crab Catcher. We have never been disappointed. Looking forward to our next visit.


The Crab Catcher was amazing, would recommend this to anyone who enjoys could seafood, I had possibly the best calamari I have ever tasted, and the entree that came afterwards was just as good, the food is outstanding and cooked to perfection, most enjoyable meal I have had in a long time and the setting over looking the water is fabulous, with friendly staff.


The Crab Catcher was amazing, would recommend this to anyone who enjoys good seafood, I had possibly the best calamari I have ever tasted, and the entree that came afterwards was just as good it was a selection of fish, steak and crabs tail, the food is outstanding and cooked to perfection, most enjoyable meal I have had in a long time and the setting over looking the water is fabulous, with friendly staff.


The service was very nice...answered all my questions and included extra bread to take home at end of the night, incredible complimentary bread, the fish was delicious along with the chocolate-covered strawberries...I recommand it

Crab Catcher during Restaurant Week  

The King Crab Napolean appetizer was delicious. The prawn appetizer was overshadowed by the strange texture of the plum ponzu glaze and molokai sweet potatoes. The surf and turf was outstanding and cooked perfectly. The Alaskan halibut was light and the potatoes and swiss chard complemented the dish well. The apple tart was decent. The macadamia chocolate crisp cake was rich and flavorful, but the caramel macadamia nut ice cream on the side was the highlight of the dessert. Other than the waiter rolling his eyes at my husband for not ordering a drink, service was excellent. Crab Catcher is restaurant you should definitely try.

M and S dinner  

Great restaurant. good food and service. We will be back. Thankyou

Ten yr Anniversary  

My Wife and I had a wonderful night here! Food, service, and ambiance were excellent. Very romantic for this type of occasion. Great views of the coast. Definitely will go back!

Good food best view  

Like this restaurant

Crab Catcher  

The food was great, as was the service. Our waiter, Matt, was friendly, helpful, and his service was great. It's a little too pricey, especially with the economy. We went on a special birthday, but wouldn't go on a regular basis.

Read below...  

Our first impression was not good. The hostess (a.k.a owner's wife) was very snooty!!! Once we got past this “Crab” things improved. Our appetizer and meals both had a variety of flavors that worked great together. Also our deserts were very good.

Just ok.  

I had dinner there with my wife and 8 month old son last Saturday night. The food was above average and the ambience was great. The drinks were terrible, and the service questionable. Water in the wine glass, no bread, etc. My wife's fish was overcooked. Can't have that for $30+ a plate. I recommend the Chart House next door.

Good but keep it simple  

Crab Catcher is a nice place if you keep it simple. Crab cakes are rare find on west coast. Appitizers in the bar are fun. Seafood however is prepared without much flare and menu doesn't change much.

NIce setting/fair food  

Service, oysters, martinis, Ahi and Tira Misu good to very good; shrimp cocktail and stuffed Ono only fair, especially for the money. Setting on the cove was beautiful, but you may get better food elsewhere.

Good food, BUT. . . .  

My wife and I reserved a romantic ocean view table weeks in advance at this place. We arrived to be seated at a table facing a wall, with all the ambience of a subway toilet. When my wife inquired about a nicer (and empty) table, we were told that they were hoping to sit a party of 3 or 4 there, as they were quite busy. The food was excellent, despite the lack of view, but the ambience was noisy -- many small kids, people dressed in flip flops and ball caps. My biggest beef was the "error" in pricing a bottle of wine on my check greater than the listed price on the wine list. Perhaps an innocent mistake, but one that makes me feel like they were trying to do something deceptive. I would not go back.

Ho hum food  

Crab Catcher has great ambiance, polite employees, but the food was very average with high prices. The lobster sushi was almost without taste. Three others in our party had crab legs, a surf and turf combo and scampi on pasta. We had two wines, two iced teas and one piece of choc. cake. Cost $200 not including tip.

Great Atmosphere Average Food  

The staff and atmosphere at the Catcher are always top notch. I have always thought the food could use a little help. I was there recently and the pacific bass my wife had was a bit dry and the meal was a little bland. My food was a little better, but not above average. I love the location, the view, the staff, the atmosphere - if they could shore up the food, they would rule the Cove.

Ambiance not as advertised  

Let me start with the food was excellent and our server was friendly informed and attentive the noise level however was not "LOW" as indicated in the review. The med murmur through the room was overshadowed by the large number of kids...I think this restaurant should be listed more family friendly than elegant. I won't say that I was disappointed but I did expect a more refined and elegant setting.

some hits, some misses  

We went to the Crab Catcher with some friends for dinner. The location is good and the view was fantastic. The service however was less than perfect. We waited far too long for the wait staff to take our order and then to bring the food. The service was so slow that we decided to skip dessert since we didn't want to add another half hour to the time we spent there.

some hits, some misses  

We went to the Crab Catcher with some friends for dinner. The location is good and the view was fantastic. The service however was less than perfect. We waited far too long for the wait staff to take our order and then to bring the food. The service was so slow that we decided to skip dessert since we didn't want to add another half hour to the time we spent there.

Great atmosphere and service, but....  

When it comes to location, the CrabCatcher can't be beat. Great ambiance and food presentation. Service also terrific. Excellent calamari appetizer but 'mixed grill' entree overpriced for selection of white fish, somewhat chewy sirloin medallion and minescule Canadian lobster tail. Crab-stuffed Ono very nice, however.


We made reservations through this website over a week ago. When we arrived for an early dinner reservation (6:00) SEVERAL people who were walk- ins were seated before us. I had asked (again through this website) for the main dining room with a view, and we were stuck in what resembled a sushi bar. Hostess service was very poor. The wait staff service was not bad or good. We received our appitizers before we were served bread, and it took awhile to get cocktails. That being said, the food was excellent! Crab stuffed fish was the best that was ordered in our party. Ono wasn't very good, but it wasn't in the way it was prepaired, it was the fish. Clam chowder was yummy! Very pricey and not a lot of food, but tasty!


We had a very nice view from our table. Potions were very small and the food was fair to good. The ono and crab stuffing was tasteless. The waiter was inattentive perhaps because he saw our gift certificate. The reservation system worked very well.

Very dissapointing  

We had our dinner in Crab Catcher in July 2009. Location is very nice. The food is very, very average and expensive. The grill was served on top of the mashed potatoes (not very imaginative), with really undercooked vegetables. The fried fish was served floating in the gaspacho soup... Price for 2 people, without vine and dessert 100$. Service was not the best either.

ocean view  

the view was nice--we enjoyed our night.


Great view but the meal was not as good as others we had and the service was super slow. Our waiter even apologized because the time between courses was so long. The wine list was solid, the beet salad was good. Afte that, it was pretty standard. It was expensive and overall food and dining experience came up short.

Very Average  

I was very surprised with the price point of this restaurant in comparison to the portion sizes. Also, there was nothing unique about any of the dishes except they were all bland with the exception of our appetizers(crab stuffed mushrooms and fire shrimp. The atmosphere was average like our meal. Crab Catcher received a better review than Candelas yetthe table service was terrible. For the price I expected to have the table swept after each course. Anyway, not a place I will recommend to my good friends.

crab catcher  

crab catcher  

Disappointing experience. The food was good, not great. The service was inattentive and slow. We repeatedly asked for bread and a waiter. Would not return.We were at the restaurant about 1 hour before our appetizers arrived. Pre-dinner cocktail was awful.


My second visit to this restaurant was very disappointing. I made a reservation a week in advance, preparing to take family from out of town there. Upon arrival we were told by a gentleman that it would be a little bit. We never heard from him again. He never came over to update us at all, rather we had to go ask them twice how much longer it would be, after waiting an hour. Once seated, the food was mediocre, not hot. Definitely not worth the money. After being in the restaurant business, as a server and bartender for 9 years, I was not impressed at all with this restaurant. I will not return and will not recommend it to others.

Not worth the Dough $$$$$  

I have been in the restaurant business for 18 years so I am critical of restaurants and expect my $$$$ worth>>>>> This I did not get.... I took my wife out for Valentines day, made reservations weeks in advance. The ambiance was so so for V day, you would think they could have a little decoration for this special day, oh sure there was decoration... a few rose pedals sprinkled on the table theses were fake plastic things. We were sat in the middle if the room with 1 foot of space between the tables so we had extra dining companions (not my idea of an intimate romantic meal)! Even though the wait person was friendly she was spread so thin I did not feel we received the personal attention we deserved. The food was just so so - My wife had the Alaskan King Crab @ $50 a plate you can't mesh up crab too much and it was a generous portion, on the other hand I had the Seafood CIOPPINO - it was way to spicy and over salted.... By the time we were done I was more than ready to leave, we had to wait another 15 minutes to even see our wait person to get the check (on top of that they add an 18% gratuity to the check which I do not feel was deserved).....like I said "Not worth the Dough $$$$$" $180 with 2 glasses of wine!!!!!!!


I would not recommend this resteraunt if you are looking for a place to have a special dinner. The atmosphere is the best thing going for this place, which relies mainly on the view, great view. We had some sushi while waiting on our table, in a seperate section of the restaraunt. It was fair, but the conversation from the over zealous sushi chef was unnecessary as he tried to argue with me that I knew nothing about fish. I cancelled the table with the older, snooty woman at the hostess stand who is an owner, or wife of one. I will never return to this "establishment" and am highly dissapointed considering the locale.

Great Ambiance / Disappointing Food and Service  

My husband and I chose Crab Catcher as the place we would celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. We went for a nice Sunday brunch. The view and ambiance are spectacular! I can't say the same for the service or the food, especially for the prices. When we were asked what we would like to drink, we asked for ice water with lemon. After some delay, we were served plain water. My salmon was strong tasting and over cooked. We had to ask twice for the basket of assorted pastries to be brought to our table. They finally arrived, after our main course was served. I would not patronize them again.


Don't usually go out for dinner on a holiday but this year I thought I would make a reservation and maybe things would be different. We were greeted and instantly made to feel welcome, however, the remainder of our experience was a huge disappointment. We were given a great table but, after the intial introduction to our waiter, we sat for an eternity before our orders were taken, water glasses filled etc. We felt forgotten. When our waiter returned to take our order, he apologized explaining that they were 'so busy' because of the Easter holiday...Despite the problems, everyone was very nice, but I honestly don't think I'll return.

a seafood restaurant w/o a lot of seafood option!  

no parking. a lot of stairs to walk! food just ok. price is way too much according to the food. regular seafood. dont go if you want good seafood with good price. not much of option of seafood. order a whole Alaska crab ...told me that it is enough for 4 people. i can finish it myself! very pricy!!

just barely  

A very, very ordinary dining experience, at a price that would be appropriate for a much higher end experience. Fish was overcooked and not fresh tasting and rice was undercooked and cold - crunchy. Salads were very skimpy. Wine list pricing was way out of line for the quality of this restaurant. Service was perfunctory. Our server was obviously reading a scripted recitation, and even joked about the fact that he repeated his presentation verbatim to each table. $100 for 2 dinners and three drinks, when about $50 would have been more appropriate, for the level of quality. Definitely will not return.

Tourist Catcher  

I agree that the hostess is inattentive and snooty. When she acted like we were bothering her by arriving, we should have just left. Service was intolerably slow -- it took 15 minutes (I was timing) for our drink order to arrive. We had absolutely no view of the ocean, the food was good (and expensive) but not outstanding. It appears this restaurant caters to tourists who will only visit once. We live in La Jolla but since we've used up our one visit we will never return.

Not what we expected  

I thought I would get good seafood, specifically crab, and great service at a place called the Crab Catcher in a really nice location in La Jolla. The only type of crab they have is Alaskan king crab and maryland blue crab. When I asked why they don't have dungeness crab, the waiter replied "Cause it's too hard to prepare". I tried my best not to burst out laughing. The service I thought was very average. Not great, not horrible. Just plain average. Not what I expect when I am paying a $100 for dinner. The Alaskan king crab tasted like it had just been frozen and reheated and was extremely salty. For $40...not worth it. Needless to say, I will not be returning to the Crab Catcher anytime soon. After eating there, I spoke with a local San Dieagan, and he agreed that this place was not good for seafood. He said since it was bought out by the Chart House(??), he would not eat there himself. Also, there were bugs flying around all over by our table. I would say the one positive was the view we got of La Jolla Cove, really the only positive.

Very disappointed  

We booked tables a week and half in advance for a group 15 for a going away dinner for a friend. Upon arrival waiter pulled our host aside and asked us how we expected to pay for dinner, despite that we were all impeccably dressed, as most of us are young professionals. Wait staff had a snobby attitude toward our party, mostly likely because we were mostly young and not White. Our tables were also not ready upon arrival and we were split apart despite our previous reservation and ended up being seated in a backroom of sorts so we could sit together. Upon arrival no one came to help or direct me to my party and I was forced to wonder around the restaurant despite literally bumping into several wait staff who paid me no attention. Food quality was below average and expected much more for an upscale restaurant. I felt like I could have eaten something better at a chain restaurant. Furniture, dishes, and glasses were not of the quality I would expect from this sort of restaurant. Expected much more and just throughly disappointed and wished we went to George's (rival restaurant across the street) instead for friend's going away party.


Arrived for our dinner reservation which had been made one week in advance (Requested window). Waitress informed us our table next to window was waiting. As we waited to be seated another guest was seated at the table we were just told was ours!!! We were then told the hostess was "receiving pressure" from the other couple to be seated at the table reserved for us and so it was given to them! What kind of restauarant does this??? Clearly racially discriminating restaurant with low to mediocre quality food and lousy service! Hey Crabcatcher..this is not the fifties. You can be sued for this type of behavior! The limited view this restaurant has is not worth tolerating discrimination, poor service and bad food. I now can understand why the restaurant had only three tables filled on a Saturday evening. Avoid if at all possible !

Only thing good was the view!  

Way overpriced for awful food! Bloody Mary all ice in a tiny glass with a soggy green bean instead of celery? Also felt like I went back to 1985 complete with seafoam green and white washed wicker! Never go back there again!

Not sure if its worth the View  

I went with 2 other women and when the bill came we asked to have it split (he never asked if we wanted it split in the beginning). The waiter stated he didnt remember what we had to eat and couldnt do it. We each told him what we had and he huffed and grabbed the check and scribbled all over it in pen but then just put one large amount for tax at the bottom. I had to figure the check out myself so we each could pay our own bills with tax. 2 of us paid with credit and one with cash. The waiter still was unable to figure out how to process the bill and asked if he could just put the person paying cash bill on someones credit card and she give the cash to that person. How rude!We refused. The prices were way overinflated ($10 for 3 strawberries, $17 for a mixed drink). But it was expected because of the view even though it was a limited view.



Bad food cause diarrhea  

Last weekend me and my fiance spend our weekend at beautiful San Diego,the trip was wonderful, but the dinning at Crab Catcher restaurant gave me and my best friend a whole night of diarrhea, totally ruined our vacation.To be fair, I have to say the food looks and taste good, we enjoyed every bite. The price is a little bit high but acceptable. Several hours after we walked out the restaurant, the problem start.Luckly we do not have activites that night, so I can stay in the hotel room rest and taking medications. As for my friend who has to drove all the way back to Los Angeles, it was quite challenge for her. I'd love to go visit San Diego again, but I would not choice Crab Catcher again.

Not worth the price!  

The food was poor and very overpriced. The staff was rude and stressed out and made no attempt to hide it. I felt like I was in a second rate banquet hall of a Holiday Inn…the ambience couldn’t have been any worse. I do not recommend this restaurant.

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