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Roppongi Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar is recorded closed at this location! Everybody likes options, especially when it comes to food. At Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar in downtown La Jolla, Asian fusion prepared with a French flair gives diners plenty of choices. Twenty-four different tapas like Ahi Poke, Mint Curried Lamb, Hamachi Tacos, and vast amounts of soups, salads, entrees, sushi rolls, sashimi, and steaks provide any patron an alternative to the mundane. Executive Chef Stephen Window takes tremendous pride in using local, seasonal, ingredients when creating his menu items. His passion for fresh fare has garnered a “World’s Top Restaurant” award from Zagat for his creative cuisine. Roppongi is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day and serves both lunch and dinner offering gluten free menus for both menus. There is also a stellar happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a plethora of wines, sakes, beers, and craft cocktails. Roppongi even offers sushi classes for those wanting to learn on the first Saturday of every month. If you’re looking for great food in La Jolla, you’re first option should be Roppongi.

A taste of the East, West Coast style.

It’s 5 p.m. on a warm day in the middle of July. I am near enough to the shores of the Pacific to smell the salty sea air, and the late afternoon Southern California sun shines down brightly on the dark grey paint of my vintage BMW. The seaside resort community of La Jolla is one of San Diego’s most prestigious neighborhoods, and is affectionately referred to by locals as “The Jewel City”. The Village of La Jolla, where Roppongi is located, is the downtown district of the sleepy upscale beach town. I time my arrival well, and I am fortunate enough to secure a parking spot in the cool shade just around the corner not 100 feet from the door of Roppongi.

With 30 minutes to burn before Matt, my editor and dinner guest arrives; I decide to head to San Diego’s only Brooks Brothers. Walking through the streets of the Village, I enjoy the warmth of the sun on my back as I walk through the avenues of downtown La Jolla as I step passed tourist choked cafes and souvenir shops.

Having satiated my sartorial appetite with a few small items, I leave the clothier and head back to the restaurant, ready to satisfy my hunger with their renowned Japanese fusion cuisine. I see Matt circling the block in search of a parking space, and I smile to myself as I enter the restaurant wondering why he doesn’t take advantage of the parking structure next door, or even the valet out front.

I step inside, and the warm earthy colors of the mahogany and walnut toned interior greet me. The host stand backs against a dividing wall that houses a breathtakingly large salt water aquarium containing colorful tropical fish and coral. On the right side, the elegant, low-lit dining room is equipped with cushioned rattan chairs and tables the color of teak. The textured walls include recesses displaying Asian pottery and statues. The main dining room seems like the perfect setting for a romantic evening or a quiet dinner. To the left is the sushi bar and lounge. Well lit and lively, seating options include booths that line the windows, a dozen or so chairs at the bar, as well as seating for half a dozen guests at the sushi bar. There is also a private “Buddha Room”, which comfortably seats up to 36 guests and mirrors the décor of the main dining area.

Opened in 1998 and inspired by the colorful nightlife district in Tokyo, Roppongi fuses Old World European culinary techniques with modern flavors, to create its signature New Asian cuisine. Blending traditional Asian fare with French-style execution, Executive Chef Stephen Window imbues Roppongi’s cuisine with the flavors of Asia and Europe.

I check in with the pretty, dark haired hostess, Bernadette Deleon, and she offers me a choice of seating options. I choose to sit outside on the covered patio in order to enjoy an open-air meal on a nice summer evening. As I take my seat on the south end of the booth, I observe the uncovered seating area just outside from where I sit. The open air space is warmed by heaters and a gas fire pit. This looks like a fine place to spend an evening with friends while enjoying a cocktail and meal under the starlit sky. Our server, Mariah Mulcahy, greets us with a smile. I order a Voss mineral water to buy me a moment to browse the menu, and Matt orders the same, only in still, with the same intention.

Looking around at the busy restaurant, I realize that our reservation is on the tail end of Roppongi’s Happy Hour. It is no wonder there are so many people here. Every afternoon between three and six Roppongi offers half-priced Tapas. The Tapas menu includes numerous tasty plates to snack on while enjoying a post work cocktail, such as the Vietnamese Lobster Wrap, Pan Seared Diver Scallops, and Duck Quesadilla. Before Happy Hour, Roppongi is open for lunch with a menu of lighter offerings. Sandwiches and salads are the centerpiece of the lunch menu. The Mint Curried Lamb Wrap, Maine Lobster BLT Sandwich, and Kobe Beef Sliders are just a sample of the bevy of sandwich choices. The Scallop Spinach Salad, Fresh Strawberry & Almond Salad, Thai Steak Salad, and Chinese Chicken Salad are examples of the lighter side of the lunch menu.

While Mariah departs to retrieve our refreshments, we discuss the drink menu. Roppongi’s Wine Spectator Award of Excellence winning wine list has selections from across the globe. Domestic vineyards include a wide range of California wineries as well as a number of offerings from Oregon and Washington Wines from Australia, Argentina Chile, France, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand round out the list, and include every type of wine one could wish for, from Champagne to Pinot Noir. Roppongi’s sake list is just as impressive and aims to please everyone from the uninitiated to the connoisseur. The list highlights domestic, reserve list, Honjozo/Junmai, Sparkling, Ginjo/Junmai Ginjo, Nigori Sake, Ginjo and Daiginjo. For those who have no idea what any of this means, the staff at Roppongi are well versed in all offerings and can help with any choice, be it a single glass, or a food pairing. Bottled beers are available and include the gluten-free Bard’s Tail, Racer 5 IPA, and Ballast Point “Calico” Amber Ale, to Japanese beers such as Asahi Kuronama “Black”, Sapporo, and Kirin.

Having established the depth of options available, the specialty cocktail list is where my interests lie. I decide on the Thin Thai Chili Margarita, crafted with light agave nectar, Hornitos Reposado Tequila, limes, shiso infused salt rim, and a Thai chili garnish as I have a taste for spicy fare. Matt goes for something smooth and sweet, and orders the Roppongi Martini. The restaurant’s namesake drink contains lychee infused Nada Red vodka, Soho lychee liquor, sake, and fresh lime.

When the drinks arrive, I am pleased with my cocktail selection. The Thin Thai Chili Margarita tastes just as I had envisioned, smooth yet savory with a slight sweetness and a bite of heat. Matt, who generally enjoys the bitter strength of an extra dry gin martini, expresses that the Roppongi Martini is, “a lady drink.” While admittedly more than a bit chauvinistic, I can confirm this assessment. The Roppongi Martini is sweet and succulent, perfect for someone who would like to enjoy a cocktail that doesn’t twist the tongue with bitter alcohol. We ask Mariah what she recommends to get the meal started, and she suggests we begin with a few items from the fore mentioned Tapas menu. After reviewing our options, we settle on the Signature Crab Stack, Japanese Hot Rock, and Big Eye Tuna & Sweet Corn.

As we wait for our Tapas, I peruse the options for dinner. The depth of the menu is expansive. There are soups such as the Summer Sweet Corn Soup with Maine lobster, the Tomato Soup with bacon, and a traditional Miso soup. A trio of salads includes Organic Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon, Arugula Pear, and Organic Beet, all of which could make a great first course. Other menu offerings include two dozen Sushi and Sashimi rolls, of which five are Specialty Rolls exclusive to Roppongi. And as if this wasn’t enough, there are also Steaks & Chops from the kitchen such as a 12oz Double Cut Lamb Chop, 14oz Rib Eye, 12oz New York, and a 6oz Petite Filet. Matt and I decide on a Specialty Roll, a Noodle dish, and a selection from the Entrée listings.

The first dish to arrive is the Signature Crab Stack. Pea shoots, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, mango, avocado, crabmeat, peanuts, and cilantro are layered in a cylindrical mold, and the resulting tower of ingredients is placed on a bed of spicy ginger lime dressing and served with grilled baguette slices drizzled with olive oil. The presentation is superb, and it is clear why this menu item is so popular with patrons. When our server asks if we would like the dish tossed, we reluctantly agree. Although it seems a sin to destroy such a piece of culinary art, that is the intended purpose after all. Once the tower falls, I offer Matt first stab at the colorful mixture of ingredients by jabbing him according to his description of his martini, “Ladies first, Matt” I say with a wry grin. The taste and texture is light and refreshing. The rich sweetness of the crab blends with the mango and avocado, as the acidity of the tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro cuts through the sweetness. However, the cucumber adds a cool texture to the overall flavors. Coupled with the cocktails, our meal is off to a promising start.

A food runner approaches our table with The Japanese Hot Rock in hand, and warns that the stone that rests upon a bed of coarse sea salt is a scalding 500 degrees Fahrenheit. I joke that the rock clearly isn’t red and therefore not hot, but the food runner is adamant in my understanding that touching the stone will result in a terribly unpleasant burn. I assure him that I will not touch the rock with anything other than the provided strips of New York Steak, and he leaves giving me a “seriously, don’t touch it” look. Plated in a chili ponzu and topped with sesame seeds, the New York Steak comes with a side of sesame goma sauce and cucumber sunomono garnish. Laying the strips of beef on the rock produces a plume of sweet smoke and a satisfying sizzle. It only takes a few seconds to cook the beef, four to five seconds for medium rare and ten to eleven seconds for well done. As a fan of the traditional “black and blue” method of cooking beef, I remove my serving quickly and am pleased with the rich and smooth taste of the beef. The sesame goma sauce provides a nutty sweetness and the cucumber sunomono lends a crisp crunch to the texture when coupled with the beef.

Matt and I finish our drinks, and for the second round of cocktails, I decide to keep the spicy drink train rolling. The Bangkok Salty Dog, made with Purity vodka, fresh ruby grapefruit, and a Sriracha salted rim is my second choice. Matt decides to change his pace and has a Skinny Ginny, a mix of Bombay Dry gin, orange juice, Aperol, and ginger. I am just as impressed with the second round as the first. The bitter, salty, and spicy Bangkok Salty Dog is a perfect follow up to the smooth, savory, and sweet heat of the Skinny Thai Chili Margarita. Matt is also enjoying his new gin drink, stating that the Skinny Ginny is a bit more to his taste in comparison to the candy-like flavor of the Roppongi Martini.

Our final Tapas plate, the Big Eye Tuna & Sweet Corn plate arrives after a couple of sips of our fresh round of drinks. Presented in a symmetric row arranged on a rectangular plate, the sweet corn fritters are topped with the perfect amount of chipotle aioli, a generous slice of big eye sashimi, and a crown of micro cilantro. The corn kernels yield a crisp bite and sweetness, while the light taste and soft texture of the tuna blends with the freshness of the micro cilantro. The creamy chipotle aioli lends a smoky overtone to the flavor profile of the dish.  After enjoying this trio of starters, we are ready for the main course.

Our main course begins with the Albacore Jalapeno Specialty Roll. A thick slice of fresh albacore sits atop the perfect balance of rice, avocado, cucumber, kiaware sprouts, and yama gobo. The rolls are lightly sprinkled with a garlic ponzu vinaigrette, and a thin slice of jalapeno topped with a pinch of micro cilantro rounds out the specialty roll. The Albacore Jalapeno Roll is one of the finer albacore sushi rolls I have had the pleasure of enjoying. This is no diminutive declaration, as I have had the good fortune of dining on sushi at fine restaurants in Japan. The tartness of the garlic ponzu coupled with the spicy kick of the jalapeno and the crisp freshness of the micro cilantro add a depth to the expertly prepared roll, despite the mildness of the cucumber and earthy tone of the kiaware sprouts and yama gobo lend layer upon layer to complexity of the dish. Matt declared his keenness for this dish, announcing that this as his favorite dish of the evening.

The Hong Kong Duck & Broccolini is our first hearty offering of the evening. The dish comes in a deep bowl full of noodles and vegetables, and the first taste reveals that this is not your typical lo mein entree. Thick fresh egg noodles are soft and flavorful. Cooked to perfection, the duck is tender and juicy. Onions add a hint of sweetness as the organic broccolini offers a crunch and a pleasant hint of bitterness. All the while, the mint, Thai basil, and oyster sauce gives the dish a complexity of flavor only found in Asian fusion dishes.

Our final entrée of the evening is the Jindori chicken. The Jindori chicken is a simple and straightforward dish, with a rich complexity of flavors. The chicken breast is prepared with an Airline cut. When I say Airline cut, I’m not talking about some flavorless, dry, airplane food chicken. An Airline cut is a boneless breast with the skin left on, and features the first wing joint of the drumette still attached. The chicken has a spectacular blend of herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of the crispy skin and white meat. The Airline cut provides a bit of juicy dark meat the closer we get to the bone of the drumette in which Matt declares to stake claim of the area before I could. The sautéed organic corn is bright and sweet and the crispy fingerling potatoes are smooth and mild. The asparagus gives a deep sweetness, and slight firm crunch. The whole dish is accented with a rich red wine reduction with hints of smoky hickory.

Matt and I have a hard time deciding on dessert. As much as I want to try the Warm Melting Chocolate Decadence, the preparation time of 20 minutes means I should have already put my order in. Food runners with the Chocolate Sundae have pasted our table on multiple occasions making it an intriguing choice, but Mariah’s insists we choose the Sticky English Toffee Pudding. In spite of Mariah’s accurate description, I cannot help myself and submit to Mariah’s suggested dish. When I hear the word pudding, I think custard. I am pleasantly surprised when the finale of our meal arrives. No custard here, this is pudding in the English sense. Featuring a rich toffee cake, smooth toffee gelato, fresh raspberries, fresh whipped cream, and a raspberry sauce, the Sticky English Toffee Pudding is one of the better desserts I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. The cake is light and fluffy, and combined with the toffee gelato, berries and whipped cream, this dessert is simply fantastic.

We sip water and recount the stories of the previous weekend after finishing off our dessert. The street lights flicker on as we sit, enjoying the early evening dusk. A warm summer breeze gently sways the palm fronds that line the sidewalk outside Roppongi. The sun is setting over the pacific, and the sky shifts to a vivid violet as purple clouds glow an under lit orange. The deep rumble of a black Ford GT driving by catches my attention. The rare supercar is the kind of thing you see on a daily basis in La Jolla. On our way out, we enter the restaurant one last time to thank the staff for great service and an even better meal. I survey the main dining room and see that it is full of people enjoying a quiet evening out. I look to the lounge and sushi bar and observe the aforementioned livelier crowd. It’s clear that Roppongi successfully offers comfortable ambience for a range of temperaments. As we step outside into the dwindling light, restaurant manager and house sommelier Stephen Rhodes bids us adieu. I make my way home, reflecting on yet another beautiful day in paradise.

Insider Tip
For the gluten sensitive, Roppongi offers a gluten free menu for both lunch and dinner. 

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 875 Prospect Street, La Jolla CA 92037
  • Cross Street: Fay Avenue
  • Location: La Jolla & UTC | La Jolla Village
  • Cuisine: Asian | Sushi | Japanese | Pacific Rim | Fusion |
  • Cost: $$$ | Moderate | $50 - $75
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Not Available
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Meals Served: Lunch | Dinner |
  • Parking: Street | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover |
  • Corkage Fee: 20.00 | Per 750ml bottle.
  • Phone: (858) 551-5252

Business Hours

main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
main dinning room | Lunch 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
main dinning room | Happy Hours 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.


  • Full Bar
  • Catering Services
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Smoking Area
  • Takeout Available
  • Working Fireplace
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Happy Hours
  • Personal Wines Allowed
  • Lounge / Bar
  • Healthy Options
  • Cooking Classes


  • Romantic Dining
  • Dining Alone
  • Business Dining
  • Meet for a Drink
  • People Watching
  • Quiet Conversation
  • Special Occasion
  • Quick Bite


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


Dinner Menu

  This is a sample menu only. Prices and availability may be subject to change.







Sushi (2 Pieces)

Sashimi (6 Pieces)

Specialty Rolls

Roppongi Sushi Classics

Dessert Menu

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Gluten Free Dinner Menu

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Sushi (2 Pieces)

Sashimi (6 Pieces)

Roppongi Classic Rolls

Soups And Salads


Steaks & Chops


Sushi School ($40.00)

  per person. The first Saturday of every month at 12:30pm. Sushi Demonstration + Sake Pairing + Lunch. Sushi students will each prepare their own California and Spicy Tuna Rolls. Upon completion, they will receive a sushi rolling kit and certificate of completion signed by the Chefs of Roppongi. This is a sample menu only and may be subject to change. Reservation is required for Sushi School.

Sushi Demonstration

First Course




Restaurant Address: 875 Prospect Street, La Jolla CA 92037

User Reviews


Excelent taste, delicious food. Good presentation. Fabulous and comfortable place. Congratulations!


This is my favorite place to eat in San Diego. Happy hour from 4-6 seven days a week with all tapas half off...it doesn't get any better. So many choices, the decor is great, and the food is delicious! If you want to try something new and unusual...head straight to Roppongi!


Roppongi was by far, the best dining I have ever sat down to. The atmosphere was very artistic, the waiters prompt and attentive. They served a bottled water that redefines the definition of the substance. Sushi and orange chicken paired up to have me paying much more attention to eating than my date. I highly recommend it, finding parking early or you will miss your reservation.

one of my favorite SD restaurants  

I am a frequent visitor during Happy Hour (4-6pm daily), when the tapas are 1/2 off. the food is absolutely delicious..although I have noticed the portions have gotten a bit smaller over the last couple of years. very warm and friendly service. I recommend the crab napoleon and seared ahi, as well as the sea scallops with potato pancakes.

Crowded but worth it  

I've eaten here twice in the past six months and the food in excellent. They have a couple vegetarian items that are highlighted on the menu. The appetizers and deserts are huge! You could easily share one between 4 people. Service was above average. It's crowded on the weekends so make reservations unless you want to sit outside on the sidewalk.

Yummy food, service ok  

The food and atmosphere here are incredable. The service is not so nice which makes the price for the small amount of food hard to bite. But.......the food is one of the best in San Diego.

A wonderful experience.  

Service, atmosphere, and cusine was all excellent. The presentation was a perfect and every menu item was a work of art. I could come here again and again.

Great Service  

We recently enjoyed great service and delicious drinks from our barender Nate. He truly is the Black Stallion of La Jolla!!

Great date place  

The food was terrific! Service was polite and quick to meet any reqests. This was my first visit and I would make this one of my favorites in San Diego!

The food was worth it  

The restaurant itself was very beautiful. The food was actually very good and the presentation was incredible, but the service left something to be deserved. I had taken a group of friends there for another friend's birthday and had wanted it to be a special experience for the birthday girl and for the most part it was. However, the waiter had to be called over to ask and rarely came of his own accord. Glasses were not refilled for a quite some time (and the place was not crowded, so it was not like it was a busy night). There was absolutely no personal interaction between the server and the customer. Any spoken word was quick and only when necessary. However, the food was worth it, so if you don't mind a little less than stellar service, it's a good place to eat.

all time favorite place for dinner  

I can't say enough - every time we come here, the food is delicious, the service is great and I leave with a smile on my face. I rarely make it in time for the 1/2 price tapas happy hour, but I always recommend it to my clients looking for a place to go mid afternoon for a delicious bite at a good price. If you haven't been here yet - you HAVE to try it - just save a table for me!!

My favorite Happy Hour  

This is my fist time at Roppongi. I ordered the sushi roll "La Jolla Sunset", it was mouthwatering and delicious (Sweet, mild lemon-flavored, soft and oh so yummy) I cannot wait to go back and try others dishes.

my past aniversary  

We had a great time the room, staff, food quality and the ambiance is exelent we had a great time best part the banana desser is wonderfull i am sure i will be back for another one

Loved it  

We were in town, and met some friends at Roppongi for dinner. We loved the food, and the small plates were perfect to share. The ambience was great, too- hip and nice, not at all stuffy.

Roppongi Restaurant & Sushi Bar  

An extremely creative menu and exquisitely prepared. The flavours, combinations and presentation are out of this world! The atmosphere is very inviting, comfortable and relaxing highlighted by a well trained and attentive staff. Great dining experience!

One of my favorite San Diego restaurants  

This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. The appetizers (tapas) are amazing and you can easily make a meal of these alone. There is a great cocktail on the menu ... I don't recall the name but it has muddled cucumbers and a bit of heat. If you can make it for happy hour, you get a great deal.


Went hear a friends suggestion...WOW! It was fun and delicious.... On Sunday and Monday nights it is 1/2 price on all the Tapas.. and they were gooood! The wine list was also excellent. Have fun and sit outside..there is no view but with the food being sooo good we were just fine!

high-quality food  

This restaurant has a variety of tapas, sushi, and extensive wine list. Although the food was good, I felt it was a bit overpriced compared to what you could get at other restaurants in the area. Patio seating was very nice and I would highly recommend it!

A fun and delicious dining experience  

My husband and I have made it a bit of a tradition to head to Roppongi for special occasions and Christmas eve 2007 was no exception. While he ate a real meal, I made a meal out of various appetizers: the spicy scallop roll is flavorful and fresh, the tomato soup has just the right texture to let you know that it's made from fresh tomatoes and the Polynesian crab stack is a favorite of mine - no matter how often we go, I get it every time. My husband had the steak special, which wasn't very special unfortunately - this was our first bad experience with food at Roppongi, the steak itself was tender and cooked perfectly but was lacking in any flavor. We had our rehearsal dinner at Roppongi in May of 2006 because we knew that we could accomodate all of our guests eating habits - vegetarian, children, non-dairy, etc. Except for that one steak, we have never gone wrong.


Great service and ambiance.....mediocre food.

A little too expensive  

We went for my sons birthday and it was a little too expensive... The food is awesome but personally the prices are just way too high for the portions you get. The ambience is awesome but that is the only reason I can come up with for the price... I have had sushi that was just as good for half the price.


I am currently studying at the AI-San Diego to become a chef. I worked with the chef at Roppongi's for this event and he did a really great demo. Unfortunately as a college student I can't afford to eat at a lot of really nice restaurants, so I greatly look forward to restaurant week. The service was horrible there, after my family and I got sitted the waiter took our order and then disappeared for awhile and only came back maybe once or twice. The apps were good, the salad had good flavor and the tomato soup was pretty good, but it seemed kind of average though you can kind of get that anywhere though. The entree I had the beef and the sauce was really strong, plus the green beans were under cooked. My mother had the mahi mahi it didn't taste like anything and it was sitting in pool of some kind of flavored oil. My sister had the chicken which ended up being the best thing, the flavor was good, but once again the green beans were under cooked. I also didn't like the fact that the chicken and the beef both had green beans with mashed potatoes. Lastly the dessert was ok. The dessert was actually bigger then the entrees, the banana dessert was not good at all it was hard to eat and there was way too much rum used. The mango sorbet was good, and the apple tart was okay, but the portions were too big. The entree is the highlight of the meal and I don't understand why restaurants don't seem to get that lately.

I think they are confused...  

This was nothing short of an experience. Not the one we were seeking or had planned for however…Our dining adventure was to enjoy great sea food with Asian influences, Sushi and perhaps some good Kobe style beef – Yum!The decor is dated, service not bad but a bit too rushed for my liking. Although the restaurant was close to empty, they were "turning and burning" to get us food and get us out. Perhaps not but it certainly felt that way.There seemed to be some confusion on who was serving us as our water order was taken twice and some discussion was held just out of ear shot...Even with these things, great food quality and presentation could have brought the review score up a few points. But when turning the cover to the menu, we wondered with lots of doubt, where are we? It could have been a Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai, American (Ribs???), and Vietnamese restaurant. With no less than 25 appetizers, a Sushi menu and entrees to confusion any one, it was, well - a bit overwhelming...If there is one thing I have learned over the years, restaurants that try to be everything to everyone are typically mediocre at best. This unfortunately was the case. I suppose if you are just as confused and don't know what you want to eat, give it a shot. Albeit be warned, you must enjoy boring, low quality food that tries to make up for quality by offering everything under the sun and doing nothing great!We thought our server wasn't a bad guy until upon our departure when he failed to say farewells, all too overwhelmed trying to achieve his basic function, serving...Another visit isn't on the plan. Why you might ask? Because I know what I want when I go to a restaurant and don't need 8 different styles under one tacky roof. If I can give the owners some advice, “concentrate”, do a few great dishes, you don’t have to try and play music for the masses.


I have been a fan of this place since 1999 when it officially opened it's doors. I went back last night after being away for a while and noticed 2 things that were SHOCKING!!! and quite simply UNACCEPTABLE. I went in for lunch, door was opened I guess they were not officially opened for another 10 minutes.The hostess let us in an said that we could sit and someone would be with us shortly. That is when I saw bottles of some generic vodka being poured into bottles 0f Grey Goose at the bar.The bartender was away and returned to find us sitting at the bar and had the look of death when he saw us there.I questioned what he was doing and he said that Steve the GM told him to do that. I was SHOCKED! This is La Jolla and there is a reason for us paying a premium when we dine here, we expect to get what we pay for. The food came out promply but it had gone down in quality the scallop tapa was mushy and undercooked and there was a hair in crab stack, a signature dish for this place. Later on a tall gentleman with salt and pepper hair introduced himself as Steve the GM and tried to cover up the incident at the bar. I shook my head and said this is common practice in resorts in 3rd world countries. Why do that here? His cell phone rang and said that this was call he needed to take and he would be back. 20 minutes passed no Steve but a couple of desserts on the house came to the table. What a shame. This used to be a great restaurant.


We had reserations for 8:30 pm on a Saturday....called to cofirm ..arrived at 8:30 exactly...they told us that they had to clear the table and it would take them 10 minutes...we stood near their reservation desk...were told to move against th wall as we were in the way...finally seated 1/2 hour later...waited another 20 minutes for a waiter...none showed up...than asked a waiter where our waiter was....he said he would find out...another 15 minutes asked a second waiter...said we were not his table and he couldn't help us...spoke to a manager...said she was sorry...but these things happen....we left...have heard the food was good... however, the service is extremely poor...the attitude of the management is snobbish...even rude...as we left we related our experience to the valet who parked our car...he told us that although the food is good our experience was very common and many people had expressed disatifation with their service......ended up at the Cheesecake Factory in Mission Valley...Both the food and service were great

A joke  

We went to Roppongi on Tuesday at 5 00 pm. We read reviews and it seemed like a good restaurant... As soon as we entered, all we could smell was a strong smell of fish.. not very pleasant.. Even less pleasant was the hostess or maybe she was the manager....Not friendly at all.. We sat outside, our waitress was very nice actually... but the food was mediocre at best and the food runner had no idea about what he was bringing us... I would not recomend Roppongi to anyone.. what a joke !


The ambiance is great, the service was so-so. We were enjoying cocktails when our salad arrived. We noticed that there was a live worm on the plate. The waiter was hard to find but when he did appear his response was "it's organic". Maybe so, but not washed well. We opted to leave and headed to Sushi on the Rocks.

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