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Gordon Biersch

Gordon Biersch's brewery restaurant in San Diego's Mission Valley features main and private dining, as well as two outdoor patios. Freshly brewed lagers, wood fired rotisserie and oven, live music, and complimentary valet parking make this brewery restaurant a destination for local San Diegans and travelers alike.

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Restaurant Info

  • Address: 5010 Mission Center Road, San Diego CA 92108
  • Cross Street: Camino Del Rio N
  • Location: Mission Valley & Clairemont | Mission Valley
  • Cuisine: American | German |
  • Cost: $$ | Inexpensive | $25 - $50
  • Category: Brewery Restaurant
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Unknown
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Meals Served: Lunch | Dinner |
  • Parking: Street | Private Lot | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard | Discover |
  • Corkage Fee: N/A
  • Phone: (619) 688-1120

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  • Takeout Available


  • Dining Alone


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Full Menu

  Explore our updated selection of stimulating starters, exciting entrees and delicious desserts, each one crafted from simple, premium ingredients.



Fresh Greens

Chef's Favorites

Housemade Tacos


On The Lighter Side

Knife & Fork Burgers


Housemade Desserts

Gordon Biersch



Fresh Greens

Chef's Favorites

Housemade Tacos


On The Lighter Side

Knife & Fork Burgers



Restaurant Address: 5010 Mission Center Road, San Diego CA 92108

User Reviews

Love it  

The food is consistent and they are willing to give it to you the way you want. I don’t like meat and they are always willing to switch to fish. I love the appetizer with humus, roasted garlic, olives with capers and tomatoes. I use my passport there all the time. I build up points and get specials. It’s great to be a passport member and go to the front of the line when there is a wait!

Have you seen our waitress???  

The one word sum up would have to be "Almost." Why Almost you say? Well lets begin with the service. Our waitress almost got our order right, she almost knew our table exsisted, and she almost came over at the right times. Throughout the night I had to ask my fiancee...Where the crap is our waitress? I mean come on!! How hard is it to check up on the table. She must have walked by us like 40 times before she noticed that my brown hair turned into gray. But in all seriousness had she stopped by to say "How is everything" She woud have gotten a better tip. Aside from that the food was great. I ordered the "Hanger" Steak and it was pretty dang good. My fiancee ordered up the goat cheese ravioli and it was mighty fine as well. The drinks were mixed right and the atmosphere was great. So the reason it got a four...and not more was because it "Almost" was perfect. But still gotta go back to WHERE THE CRAP IS OUR WAITRESS???

German? haha  

They must have made a mistake calling this a German establishment. It's very American with a California flare... This is becoming a very hot spot for happy hour after work. It's a large place and we tend to receive good service. The food is ok, I personally love the burger and garlic fries... the entrees aren't very original. The bread pudding is really good! I also recommend the beer taster.

German Food?  

While the food, beer, and atmosphere were all good there was nothing German about the place. If you are looking for german food look somewhere else.

Beer Good, Pizza Not Good  

The beer was very good... but not the pizza. Ordered the veggie pizza with italian sausage. There was no sauce on the pizza, just a few slices of tomato. The cheese was not melted, at all. They stacked raw spinach leaves on top of the pizza and then sprinkled the cheese over that, and didn't even heat it up. It was very half-a**ed, as my friend put it.

Disappointed for the Last Time  

I know that I have given Gordon Biersch ample opportunity to succeed but they are consistently mediocre at best. My last and final trip here started with a beer in the bar area while waiting for a table. When we were paged I asked the server to forward my bill to the table and was told that they couldn't do that because that would be a different waitress. (Tip war I guess) We were seated in a nice booth with good ambiance. Our server was very atentive and we received good service throught the dining experience. The problem, as we have had before, was the quality, temperature and freshness of the food. The calimari was served within 5 minutes of ordering it. It was heat-lamp warm and under cooked. The wedge salad was something I would expect from Denny's, the Lobster Bisque had no flavor other than that of the stock used to start the soup. There may have been Lobster in the kitchen somewhere, but it never made its way to the soup. The steak medallions were quite good, but the potatoes were actually cool (every visit) and the crab stuffed shrimp had been prepared much earlier. The shrimp was luke warm, dried out and rubbery. The crab stuffung was dried out, almost cold and terrible. The green beans were very good. I guess I really wanted to like this restaurant because I have returned a couple of times only to be disappointed again and again. For someone who likes beer, the final straw is the half empty glassed of beer served. It must be the Hotels that keep them in business.

Are you kidding??  

Why does the food even deserve a rating? If you WANT a crowded atmosphere where you have NO elbow room and have to scream at eachother and don't care about the food...this is probably a good bet.

food was bad/ beer good  

We went here in Nov. '06 for a dinner with our friends. Service was really good. I ordered the steak with stuffed shrimp. I ordered it medium well and it tasted burnt. Almost everyone at our table complained of the taste. My husband and I went again with friends Feb. '07. We figured we had a bad experience and we'd try it again. This time I got a differnt steak and asked for it to be cooked medium considering last time and again it was dry and it had no flavor! The other women at our table got theirs medium well and it was dripping blood! I guess the chefs just don't understand! The food wasn't too tasty and overly priced. But my husband and our friends love the beer. Especially the blonde bock. So next time my husband can go for the beer with his friends.

this place is a joke  

i was there last friday night & having a cigarette on the "no drinking porch" where there is no sign indicating its a non-drinking area. the waitress asked me to move inside so i stood up to move while TRYING to take a sip of my drink & she literally snatched the drink from my hand like i was a child. i am 33 years old, not a kid. under no circumstances should a waitress touch a paying customer. if she cant handle an "incident" she needs to get the manager or security & there should be a no drinking sign posted. this was UNREAL customer service. noone i know will ever go there again. I will also be reposting this to the regional manager. the people i dealt with were Roxann Diaz and Kellye Wright, both of whom should be fired. so i had a friend go & buy me another drink & they decided to kick me out, as if im a like a little kid. do not waste your time or money in this restaurant. unprofessional & unacceptable no matter what the circumstances were.

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